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Petit Mal's new full length album is a new trip through this musician's introvert semi-improvisations. Once again, Jim Kaiser seems to use a bit of everything, from slowed down samples, repetitive drones and accoustic guitars to write slow, throbbing and repetitive tracks that get really quickly hypnotic and mesmerizing. - recycleyourears

  Download    Play  Submergence
12:42127 kbps44.1 kHz12.11 Mb
  Download    Play  Retreat to Arcana
7:08127 kbps44.1 kHz6.80 Mb
  Download    Play  Too Late (The Last Goodbye)
6:56127 kbps44.1 kHz6.60 Mb
  Download    Play  An Unsightly Emotional Outburst
9:24128 kbps44.1 kHz9.03 Mb
  Download    Play  Seen, Yet Not Understood
15:29127 kbps44.1 kHz14.76 Mb
  Download    Play  Bones of a Brittle Nature
12:39127 kbps44.1 kHz12.06 Mb
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