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Zenflesh Records currently exists as a vehicle of propagation for music of 4 brands: the output of Destin LeBlanc as Turk Knifes Pope, the output of Jim Kaiser as Petit Mal, the output of Le Morte de la Mer (Destin LeBlanc PLUS Jim Kaiser PLUS whoever else is around), and various compilations dedicated to giving more exposure to underground, unknown, unrecorded, and independent artists who we with think deserve it.

All of Turk Knifes Pope's recording (and most of the mixdown for Zenflesh) took place at Studio Amduscias, the nonlocal recording studio. Studio Amduscias is wherever we are documenting our musical ideas, whether it be in an abandoned missile silo with a micro-cassette recorder, in a field or on top of a building or on the street with a portable mini-disc, on stage with a borrowed DAT machine, or in the bedroom with a barely functioning 4 track or reel-to-reel. Most of time recently, however, Studio Amduscias has been a closet crammed full of broken guitars, second-hand effects pedals, flea market reel-to-reel machines, budget amps and usused tape - a state that will be rectified quite soon.
Leather Dog
Le Morte de la Mer
Petit Mal
Turk Knifes Pope
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